Ginmokusei – The peach pie flower!

Walking around Oita at this time of year you will keep catching the strong sweet scent of flowering Ginmokusei.

Ginmokusei can be quite surprising because the scent of the flowers is quite powerful and can carry a fairly long distance, maybe more than 20 meters, while the flowers however are tiny maybe only 2 or 3 mm across. This means that you will smell them far more often than you actually see them.

The scent smells to me a lot like a peach pie has been cut open right in front of my face – it is so strong is seems almost artificial.

Ginmokusei is a shrub – perhaps about 2 meters high and here it is planted in city garden beds and is used in home gardens, sometimes as a hedge.

Wikipedia also has a bit to say about Ginmokusei.

I also found an article by someone from Melbourne calling it Sweet Olive

I took these photos today.