A weekend of brewing

This weekend I started a batch of alcoholic ginger beer. I was never very impressed with the ginger beer kits in a can – they didn’t seem very gingery and I noticed at least some used Cyclamate a fairly fake tasting artificial sweetener with a controversial past – it is still banned in the US after cancer in animal studies.

For this batch I used 1.5 KG of fresh ginger that I got at the markets on a day when it was cheap.

My interest in brewing was rekindled a bit and I have been doing some research and some thinking and I am trying a couple of new things. Zymurgy is the study of fermentation – which is what I have been up to.

I have read up on sourdough baking and have made up a starter based off this excellent beginners resource Sourdough Baking – The Basics.

Also as an experiment I have tried to make a kind of home made sparkling fruit wine by buying a 2 litre bottle of apple and blackcurrant juice with no preservatives, adding bakers yeast and covering the bottle mouth with a cloth. The aim was to see if one can make drinkable homebrew without any special equipment. It was reasonably successful. The wine is very dry because it does not have sugar – and it is not safe to add suggar for sweetness to the sealed bottle or it can overcarbonate and explode. I may post the instructions later.

Today I Hate: Adobe AIR for Linux Alpha

Adobe released a version of Air for Linux as an Alpha. http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/air_linux.html

And since I wanted to try out an inane twitted based air app I thought I would give it a go.

I followed common sense – then the instruction manual(!) trying to install Adobe Air but all I could get was the helpful:

An error occurred while installing Adobe AIR. Installation may not be allowed by your administrator. Please contact your administrator.

I asked myself for permission but I didn’t know how to grant it to myself! It was making me feel pretty inadequate – I would normally consider myself a capable system administrator – especially of my own damn PC.

Google was not my friend today either.. At least not directly. Eventually in my hunting I did learn than internally Adobe Air uses dpkg (or rpm) to install – it was using package management.

I suddenly realised I had Synaptic running! Cosing it solved the problem immediately.

If you are having the same problem make sure you closed any package management tools – they will lock the package database and stop the install.

Sure it was the bleeding obvious but I still maintain that was a piss weak error message.

I don’t really hate Adobe AIR for Linux Alpha – It is just that ranting about what you hate sounds much funnier than moaning about a small hiccup.