Network Wizard error on HTC Touch

I have an HTC Touch from Vodafone Australia. I recently tested a friends Virgin simcard in it to check that my phone is not carrier locked. While the phone worked fine I immediately started getting error messages from “Network Wizard”:

Network Wizard encounter an unrecoverable error while configuring your device, you may not be able to access all network services.

Contact your technical helpdesk for support.

The bad English is part of the original error message.

At first I was cursing Microsoft but I soon learned the “Network Wizard” is not part of windows mobile but appears to be from HTC – The version on my phone is copyright 2006 Infinitiq Software

I can only guess that on detecting a network change it deletes the current GPRS settings and hunts for new ones – but it is worse than useless because it always fails to find settings – leaving me with no GPRS settings for either network.

I stopped the wizard automatically running at boot thus:

Get Rid of the Networks Startup Wizard
With a registry editor:
HKEY_Local_Machine\init\ and scroll down to Launch96 and change the value from nwstart.exe to the word null.

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I also could not figure out how to configure GPRS myself but a call to support got me on track quickly:

Start > Settings > Connections > Advanced > Select Networks > [My Work Network] > Edit > New
Name: Vodafone Internet
Modem: Celular Line (GPRS)
Next >
Next >
(All blank)

After this my phone can connect to GPRS automaticaly again.