Windows Mobile VNC Client

I recently found that the original owner of this house had conveniently had speaker cables built into this house – from the 3rd floor living room (near my amp and Linux media box) down to the BBQ area under the house on the ground floor. I wasted no time in installing some outdoor speakers, but then I found out how frustration it is to have to go up two flights of stairs to change a song.

After thinking about my options I went for using VNC to control my music via my phone (an HTC Touch) and wifi.

I found a VNC client for my phone here:

I installed a VNC server on Ubuntu and was able to control BMP – my mp3 player – remotely over the wireless. I still have not solved one problem however. When the phone goes into low power mode it turns off the wireless which drops the VNC login, requiring I login again – a real pain. The best solution is to make the phone’s sleep timeout longer but this does drain the battery much more quickly.


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  1. how do i put the vcn software on my phone it has windows mobile 5 i already have it on my computer i just need to get it on my phone

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