SG1: Summer Ginger Beer Clone

SG1 Ingredients

SG1 Ingredients


After tasting XXXX Summer Cloudy Ginger Beer at Media Mix I have decided to revisit home brew ginger beer.

Kit ginger beers are all sweetened with artificial sweeteners. As a homebrewer using in bottle carbonation & conditioning it is not possible to leave real sugar in the bottle, any remaining sugar will always be fermented giving a very dry result.

The XXX offering is not a traditional ginger beer in that it is a beer with ginger added. It is not any more sweet than any Australian larger. That said the unfermentable sugars in the malt and the hops seem to add the body and depth necessary to avoid the unsweetened ginger tasting thin or dry.

Ginger At Rusty's

Ginger At Rusty's

At Rusty’s Market today I got a kilo of ginger for 5 bucks. so the experiment begins.

I have chosen Coopers Canadian Blonde as the base beer because it should have a light flavour and not be too bitter. I want to avoid making something that tastes like a beer with a dash of ginger (although that is what it is really).

Ingredients (23 litre batch):

1.7kg Canadian Blonde
1kg Coopers Brew Enhancer 1
Juice of 3 Lemons
Juice from 750g of Ginger


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