TD3 : Tooheys Special Draught With Caramalt

Tooheys Special Draught

Put down in November 2011.

Tasting notes March 2012

Nice Colour

Rich, malty and but with an element a friend described as putrid.


  • Tooheys Special Draught 1.7KG
  • 1.5kg Morgans Caramalt Amber
  • Morgans Pride of Ringwood Finishing Hops

The Tooheys Special Draught kit is already a bit red and dark on it’s own. With the amber malt this will be a fairly dark ale.

Estimated Gravities:

OG: 1.047
FG: 1.013
Alcohol: 5.1% (incl. 0.5% for carbonation)

Measured Gravities:

OG: 1.044 @ 19? = 1.044
FG: 1.013 @ 27 = 1.014


2011-11-20 20:00 Pitched at 31C (began cooling immediately)
2011-11-22 21:00 Pitched Safale s-04 English Ale Yeast 11.5g (No activity from the previous yeast)
2011-11-27 Bottled

"Premium Brewing Yeast"

The importance of packaging… I just can’t accept that this is “Premium” yeast 🙂


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